Description of Services for Landowners

Do you feel a special connection to your land? Have you been wondering how you can preserve the beauty of your property? Are you concerned that family dynamics or rising costs may make it difficult to hold on to your farm or homestead? Given the natural beauty of our state, it is no wonder that land is the most cherished possession of so many Mainers.

My law practice provides Maine landowners with expert guidance in making decisions that affect their property. Often, such decisions include whether and how to preserve the ecological, scenic, agricultural, and even spiritual integrity of their land. Sometimes a landowner will hire me directly to assist them with estate planning, real estate, farm transfer, charitable giving, or conservation matters. In other situations, a family’s lawyer brings me in to work on particular conservation, historic preservation, and tax issues that relate to their clients’ land holdings. In either case, landowners benefit from my sensitivity to conservation and estate planning issues. Because of my knowledge in these areas, I offer informed, efficient, and affordable advice to landowners.

My services include:

  •  Family Planning for Family Lands – I help landowners determine a vision for the future of their land. My background in mediation and dispute resolution qualifies me to gather family members together to try to reach consensus on the very difficult decisions that they face.
  • Conservation And Agricultural Easements – Is an easement right for you? I walk landowners through various easement options, evaluating the practical and tax effects of selling or donating an easement.


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Telephone: (207) 774-8026
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