For Land Trusts

Rob is one of handful of attorneys in Maine and New Hampshire who specializes in land conservation, and is also a national leader in the field, drafting amicus briefs and conducting case law research for the Land Trust Alliance.

Since 2002, Rob has provided comprehensive legal assistance to land trusts, running the gamut from transactions (conservation easements and fee acquisitions) to governance matters (including land trust mergers) to thorny stewardship issues (easement violations or property encroachments).

Rob is a frequent presenter at state and national land trust conferences, and has served on the Land Trust Alliance’s Conservation Defense Advisory Council.

Sampling of Current and Former Land Trust Clients

Description of Land Trust Services


94 Beckett St., 2nd Fl., Portland, Maine 04101
Telephone: (207) 774-8026
E-mail: rob(at)
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