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Land Conservation Legal Service (LCLS) is the only law firm in Maine that specializes in land conservation. LCLS has a 20-year track record of providing comprehensive legal assistance to land trusts and conservation agencies.

Principal Karin Marchetti Ponte has been a Maine lawyer for 36 years, with a practice devoted exclusively to land conservation. She is a nationally recognized expert in the field, and offers popular workshops in conservation land transactions and easement stewardship. Karin began her work in conservation in 1985 as General Counsel to Maine Coast Heritage Trust, a position she holds today.  Before that, she was an Associate Corporation Counsel for the City of Portland.  Karin expanded her practice in 1992 as founder of LCLS.In 2002, attorney Rob Levin became Of Counsel to LCLS.

Sampling of Current and Former Land Trust Clients

Description of Land Trust Services


94 Beckett St., 2nd Fl., Portland, Maine 04101
Telephone: (207) 774-8026
E-mail: rob(at)
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