Description of Nonprofit Services

  • Entity Formation – Establishing a nonprofit organization is not as simple as filing a few forms. There are many not-so-obvious decisions that can greatly affect the odds of success. I help individuals and groups plan and implement their vision, whether that means forming a public charity, a private foundation, or some other entity.  I usually offer a flat fee for a complete startup package, with the goal of making the process painless and efficient for my clients.  A typical startup package includes the following:
  • 1) Introductory Meeting with Me
  • 2) Articles of Incorporation
  • 3) Bylaws and Explanation Memo
  • 4) Application for EIN
  • 5) Introductory Letter to Board of Directors for Organizational Meeting
  • 6) Sample Meeting Minutes and Agenda for Organizational Meeting
  • 7) Drafting of Conflict of Interest Policy and Memo
  • 8 ) Sample Financial Policies and Procedures
  • 9) Diversity, Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  • 10) Filing of IRS Form 1023 or 1023-EZ and Routine Follow Up Correspondence with the IRS
  • 11) Charitable Solicitation Application or Exemption
  • 12) Closing Memo Explaining Year-to-Year Filing Requirements
  • Nonprofit Regulations Compliance / Legal Audits – I review charter documents (bylaws and articles of incorporation) and ensure compliance with federal tax-exempt regulations and state regulation of conflict-of-interest transactions. I also conduct comprehensive Legal Audits of an organization’s operations and policies, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Employment Issues – Is your organization in compliance with federal and state employment laws?  How can you fine tune your personnel programs to prevent discrimination grievances? Do you have appropriate policies in place before a problem arises?
  • Mergers or Dissolution — I also have experience helping one nonprofit merge with another, and with dissolving nonprofit corporations.
  • Tax Issues — Having trouble with the IRS or with Maine Revenue Services?  I have extensive experience dealing with these tax agencies, whether it’s an income tax, sales tax, or property tax issue.

Please feel free to call me at no charge for an initial phone consultation regarding any of these services.


94 Beckett St., 2nd Fl., Portland, Maine 04101
Telephone: (207) 774-8026
E-mail: rob…  (replace … with @ symbol)
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