Maine Nonprofit Law E-Bulletin – May 2020

In this Issue: Nonprofit Meetings in the Pandemic Era Other Nonprofit Tidbits From Congress E-Bulletin Information

Maine Nonprofit Law E-Bulletin – September 2019

In this Issue: Important Maine Employment Law Changes That Your Nonprofit Should Know About Benefit Corporations Now Official Under Maine Law E-Bulletin Information

Maine Nonprofit Law E-Bulletin – November 2018

In this Issue: 501(c)(3) Campaign Restrictions – Still Up in the Air New IRS Guidance on UBTI Disclosure of Nonprofit Organization Donors E-Bulletin Information

Maine Land Conservation Law E-Bulletin – December 2016

In this Issue: What Will Unified Republican Control Mean for Land Conservation? IRS and Conservation Easement Amendments Tax Shelter Advisory Guidance Coming E-Bulletin Information

Maine Nonprofit Law E-Bulletin – January 2015

In this Issue: Maine Law Court Affirms Privacy of Nonprofit Records Massachusetts Case Underscores Importance of Diversified Investments E-Bulletin Information

Specializing in Nonprofit Organizations and Land Conservation

Rob Levin works both as a solo practitioner – representing nonprofit organizations and private landowners – and with Land Conservation Legal Services – representing land trusts and local governments.